Read before installation for good and respect for all.

Les Nuits Bleues, Ars-en-Re.


Article 1: Tenants agree to follow the instructions listed below.

Article 2: The respect of a certain lifestyle is asked all guests to ensure the tranquility of the place and the comfort of its guests and the neighborhood.

Article 3: Children are the sole responsibility of their parents who constantly ensure that they do not disturb other occupants.

Article 4: Tenants agree not to smoke in the rooms and the leased premises. It is allowed to smoke in the garden subject to the agreement of the present occupants and throwing butts in an appropriate bin.

Article 5: Pets are allowed in rooms subject to prior agreement when booking. They are tolerated in the garden subject to the agreement of the present occupants, and picking up any droppings.

Article 6: Tenants are forbidden to light fires, barbecues and grills on the property.

Article 7: Tenants agree not to park bike or vehicle in the property including the garden and rooms. Bikes are allowed in the courtyard / passage condominium with neighbors, between the gate of the street and the entrance to the rental, provided they do not impede the passage. We recommend a lock.

Article 8: Tenants agree to never close the door from the street to drive, it is a courtyard condominium.

Article 9: Tenants agree to, and stored in their original place the dishes in the kitchen / dining / garden immediately after use. They also undertake to keep this place clean common life; table, sink, worktop cleaned immediately after use.

Article 10: Tenants agree to use the washing machine and the dryer only in the following slots: 10 to 11 morning, 16  to 18 afternoon, 22 to 6 tonight.

Article 11: Tenants agree not to move any piece of furniture, in particular as having no furniture in the garden.

Article 12: Tenants agree to declare and assume financially, any possible damage which could be responsible. Places available will be in perfect condition at the end of the stay.

Article 13: Tenants agree not to leave anything on the premises at any particular departure cumbersome or defective item: bike, toy, surfboard, bottle, cardboard boxes, ... Similarly, the tenants undertake to use the bins placed at their disposal, respecting the waste's treatment, and putting waste, in particular glass, in the adapted bins present on the car parks around the village. Don't put the bottle or rubbish near the bin in the shared garden.

Article 14: Tenants agree to vacate the premises made available to all maintenance, care or consumer product; including empty kitchen furniture, refrigerator and freezer consumable goods. 

Article 15: The Ile de Ré is a protected and fragile place, tenants agree not to abuse the use of water (including shower).

Article 16: Tenants agree to reduce heating in their absence, and cut them out of the lease.

Article 17: Tenants agree to vacate the property at 11.00 am maximum day of departure to allow the preparation room for the next tenant.