One of the most beautiful villages in France!

Ars, the first yachting harbour of the island, is a very charming yet simple village. Not far from it, the region features beaches and a wild coast. As it is the case almost everywhere on the island, agriculture is based on vineyards, vegetable gardens and cereals.

From a distance, the first thing indicating the town of Ars, visible whether from the land or the sea, is the white belltower and its black spire. And it is natural since it was used as a landmark before lighthouses were built.

Ars en Ré is one the Most Beautiful Villages of France. It houses the most important harbour of the island accommodating more than 550 moorings; life is spent between the harbour and its cafés, the church and the market, a racting numerous visitors. Surrounded by the sea and salt marshlands, market gardens and vineyards, Ars en Ré has an immense charm combining simplicity and elegance.